14 January 2021

I can be whatever I wish to be - Spacious Passion


Once I get a feeling for living in the present moment I can be whatever I wish to be. I can dissolve the mind that constrains the present with concepts of the past. I can let go of the churning over of remembered moments that feign permanence through arrogated reliving. I can dissolve the mind that wishes to influence the future through projection of expectation, to feign permanence through arrogated fantasy. I do not have to be defined by who I was in the last moment, or who I think I might be in the next. If I wake up in a bad mood, I can simply allow that mood to die and allow a good mood moment to be born. I can shout the yogic syllable ‘Ha’ to explode the bad-mood-mind moment and be reborn in good-mood-mind-moment. I am liberated! I am free to be kind-mind-moment-person, ecstatic-mind-moment person, and brave-mind-moment-person.

Spacious Passion,Ngakma Nor´dzin, Aro Books worldwide,2006,ISBN 978-0-9653948-4-0, chapter 5 Infinite Impermanence, p127 



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