01 March 2015

A-shé Khandro

A-shé Khandro
Born on 1st March, A-shé Tashi Pema Khandro (A shes bKra shis pad ma mKha’ ’gro, 1911-unknown) was the elder of the two sang-yums of Aro Yeshé (the younger sister was A-yé Khandro – A ye mKh’ ’gro). A-shé Khandro was master of the family histories of the major yogis and yoginis of the Aro Gar and could recite all their family trees and lineage trees by heart. She had been given many instructions and teachings by Aro Lingma – particularly concerning the dissemination of the Aro gTér and her rôle in supporting Aro Yeshé and A-yé Khandro.

A-shé Khandro was inordinately fond of animals – so much so that many of the wild animals in the area were remarkably tame. There was no hunting in the area, by the insistence of A-shé Khandro. A-shé Khandro could attract the presence of eagles in the sky with her voice, and they would swoop down very close to her. The two girls were regarded as Dakinis and therefore whatever they did was regarded as an inspiration. Once Aro Yeshé passed on the transmission of the Aro gTér to A-yé Khandro and A-shé Khandro – and subsequently to the yoginis who were his five adoptive mothers; he never taught again. All teachings and transmission after that point were given by A-shé Khandro and A-yé Khandro.

[See Aro Encyclopaedia]

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