03 February 2015

Jomo Chhi’mèd Pema

Jomo Chhi’mèd Pema
Born on 3rd February, Jomo Chhi’mèd Pema was mainly regarded as an eccentric goat herder with powers of healing and weather prediction. In actuality, she was a realised yogini. a powerful Lama who could converse with the local Mountain Protectress and gave local people advice about farming in terms of the times to sew and reap. She gave people life advice but was not known as a teacher. Secretly, she was a Dzogchen Long-dé master whose disciples visited her at night to receive instructions. Jomo Chhi’mèd Pema had a wealth of knowledge concerning rocks and stones and had her own medical gTérma which employed the diagnosis of cranial echoes produced by tapping certain special pebbles.

[See Aro Encyclopaedia]

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