01 May 2015

Ma-gÇig Labdrön

Ma-gÇig Labdrön
Born on 1st May, Ma-gÇig Labdrön (Ma gCig Lap sGron – 1055-1145) ‘Unique Mother Torch of Practice’ was the incarnation of Yeshé Tsogyel. Ma-gÇig Labdrön took incarnation as Jomo Menmo and then as Khyungchen Aro Lingma. Ma-gÇig Labdrön was the great Tibetan yogini who was the originator of the practice of gÇod – the Visionary practice of cutting attachment to corporeal form (in terms of the dualistic proclivity to relate to ones corporeal form as a reference-point that proves ones existence).

[See Aro Encyclopaedia]

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