28 May 2014

The colours of Aro Ling Cardiff

The shrine room is decorated in the colours of a traditional Nyingma gompa. The ceiling is a deep blue – the colour of a clear Himalayan sky. Below this is a deep area of yellow – the colour of sunlight. Then there are two stripes, one of orange and one of green – the colours of sunlight and foliage. The lower part of the wall is a deep red – the earthy colour of soil and rock.

When people hear of the colours of the shrine room they sometimes express concern that it will be a rather dark room and a little claustrophobic with so many strong colours. However, on entering the room they are surprised to discover that it has a bright and airy atmosphere. Because the colours used are the natural colours of the landscape, the effect is light and relaxing. The colours of the room lift one’s spirits and are in no way oppressive.— Ngakma Nor'dzin

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