05 March 2014

Embracing Emotions - 6 week course - starts Thursday 6th March

Sometimes our emotional landscape can feel uncomfortable and out of control, causing us to harm ourselves and others. The Vajrayana teachings on the elements offers a pathway through this landscape, helping us to understand and transform difficult emotions into vivid opportunities for realisation.

Earth, water, fire, air and space make up our elemental nature. Our physical, emotional and intellectual being can be recognised through discovering our elemental nature. This course will offer insight into the elements and practical ways of understanding how we function in terms of our basic elemental being. The course will include short periods of meditation practice as the means to awaken spaciousness of mind through which we can become aware of our elemental nature.

On the final evening an empowerment will be offered into the practice of Ögyen Rigna – the awareness-being who symbolises the manifestation of the elements.

Gégen Nor’dzin Pamo and Gégen ’ö-Dzin Tridral are authorised to teach and give transmission of these Vajrayana teachings. They present the teachings in ordinary and relevant language, drawing from everyday examples of the world we actually inhabit. No previous experience of Buddhism or Vajrayana is required.

Thursday, March 6, 2014
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM (meetup)

Aro Ling Cardiff
rear of 35 Merthyr Road (Chambers), Whitchurch, Cardiff CF14 1DB(map)
070 9201 0756

GBP30.00/for the course

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