10 February 2022

What is the point of eating another meal? - Spacious Passion


I experienced it as something of a relief to discover that a feeling of dissatisfaction is universal. I felt that I could let go of depression and know that the niggling feeling of ‘surely there has to be more to it than this?’ or ‘what is the point of getting washed and dressed again, going to work again, eating another meal?’ did not mean that I was going crazy. I could get washed and dressed knowing that there was no ultimate purpose in these actions. I could go to work knowing that in the grand scale of things it was pointless. I could enjoy eating the meal knowing that it was a transient satisfaction. I could let go of wondering whether I was socially acceptable in the way I dressed and behaved, because social norms are ultimately hollow. I could let go of wondering whether it was alright to really like a particular type of music, because I understood that all opinions are ultimately empty. No-one else’s dress-sense, behaviour, likes and dislikes, and opinions had any more value than mine. I was free to be exactly who I was.

Spacious Passion, Ngakma Nor´dzin, Aro Books Worldwide, 2006, ISBN 978-0-9653948-4-0, chapter 7 Sparkling Puddles, page 163


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