07 May 2020

First train in the preliminaries - Battlecry of Freedom

First, train in the preliminaries

“When riders are involved in all aspects of the life and care of their horses, intimate relationships develop. This intimacy offers the potential for harmonious riding and the achievement of the greatest capacity of horses and riders. 

The purpose of preparation in the context of Buddhist preliminary practice, performs the same function. These practices give a beginner a means of beginning. They enable deeper involvement once some experience in practice has been gained. They eventually enable practice to be fully embraced as a method of awakening. 

Horse riders may retire from riding, but Buddhist practitioners never retire from riding Mind Training. The relationship with practice continues to deepen and strengthen. This creates commitment and capacity, and eventually awakening.”

Battlecry of Freedom by Ngakma Nor’dzin, Aro Books worldwide, 2019, Part II - the slogans,  p. 30.

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