01 April 2015

’a-Shul Pema Legden

’a-Shul Pema Legden
Born on 1st April, ’a-Shul Pema Legden was the gTér scribe and visionary artist of Khalden Lingpa. He was recognised by A-Kyong Düd’dül Dorje Rinpoche as the rebirth of a daughter of the Sixth Dala’i Lama. He was not known as a great Lama, or as an intellectually gifted practitioner – he simply worked hard, and was devoted to Khalden Lingpa. He was a meticulous artist and scribe, and a kind, gentle person. He was a monk, but had been instructed by Khalden Lingpa not to cut his hair.

Aro Lingma took ’a-Shul as her consort and disciple, and travelled with him to the border lands near Nepal, where they established the Aro Gar.

[See Aro Encyclopaedia]

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