07 October 2014

Tibetan Yoga, Vajrayana, Children’s Stories – October Newsletter

The Autumn programme is up and running. Please note that enrolment for the Vajra Romance Course is now closed. The Saturday morning Tibetan Yoga course that runs for three Saturdays from 11th October is filling up, so if you are interested in that please book your place as soon as possible.

We have made a few tweaks to the schedule – such as moving the Wednesday afternoon Tibetan Yoga session forward half an hour to 2 pm so that it fits in more conveniently with school times. We have also added a couple of new regular events: Children’s Story-time on a Wednesday afternoon and Guided Meditation Friday lunchtime. Buddhism has such a wealth of wonderful stories, do come along with your children and hear some after school on a Wednesday. At 12 noon on a Friday Ngakma Nor’dzin will lead a session of guided meditation that will include mantra, song and visualisation.

Meditation Group – open group, all welcome
Tibetan Yoga – through these movements Mind finds itself in its own free space
Children’s Story-time stories from Buddhist Traditions
Tibetan Yogathrough these movements Mind finds itself in its own free space
Courses on Vajrayana Buddhism – for details see below
Tibetan Yoga – through these movements Mind finds itself in its own free space
Guided Meditationenjoy a delightfully different lunchtime break
1st Saturday of the month: Meditationdiscover the spaciousness of Mind, & learn how to start or establish a regular practice
Other Saturdays – courses & events – for details see below
closed (unless we are running a weekend event)

Upcoming courses:
The Body of Visions – the rich and dramatic symbolism of inner Tantra
Thursdays, 5 week course, 19:00 – 20:30, 06 Nov – 04 Dec, £6 per night, or £25 for the course
These five weeks will explore tantric theory and imagery, and practices of vision, voice, gesture, and music. It will include an evening of empowerment, and a presentation of Tibetan Tantric arts. Attend for particular evenings or for the whole course.
Week 1: The path of transforming ordinary appearance into realised appearance
Week 2. Tantric imagery – a visual presentation
Week 3: Padmasambhava – Guru Rinpoche, the tantric Buddha
Week 4: Yeshé Tsogyel and other important women in Tibetan Buddhism
Week 5: Empowerment and the Vajra Master
Tibetan Yoga – through these movements Mind finds itself in its own free space.
Saturdays, 3 week course, 10 – 12, 11 – 24 October, £15 for the course
Tibetan Yoga offers a range of exercises suitable for all ages, abilities and body types. The exercises range from simple to challenging, from low impact to high impact. It is an enjoyable practice that can benefit everyone.
Weaving the elements – release neurosis into the skies of the elements
Saturdays, 4 week course, 10 – 12, 08 – 29 November, £6 per session, or £20 for the course
Weave the elements earth, water, fire, air & space into thread cross designs & amulets to release oneself or others from neurosis & health problems. Discover the significance of the elements to our emotional state.

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