23 June 2014

Yogic Song

As well as silent sitting meditation we also practice Yogic Song. 

The Aro practices of Yogic song are mainly short and simple. They can be learned relatively quickly and easily so that we can always have practice at our disposal. This simplicity, however, can be deceptive. The subtlety of the variations in yang need to be practised.

The core practices of Aro are: the Seven Line Song of Padmasambhava (Dorje Tsig-dün) to various tunes; the mantras of Padmasambhava and Yeshé Tsogyel; the Lama’i Naljor of Ma-gÇig Labdrön; the long life mantra of Padmasambhava and Mandarava; and long-life wish-paths.

To learn more, and to listen to the sung practices, please see Ngakma Nor'dzin's teaching on the practice of Yogic Song on the Arobuddhism.org website. 

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